Commercial and Industrial Gas

At Central Coast Gas & Solar, we provide solutions to all your Gas Requirements including Compliant Designs and Installations that make the most sense for your money spent and meet the AG601 Gas Code.

The Tea Tree Plantation

With our Design of using High Pressure to the Supply Pipe Work and then reducing the Gas Pressure at the Appliances while meeting the Codes and Standards, saved our Client considerable money compared to the alternate Design put forward by other Contractors.

As a result of our Knowledge and Expertise, some of our Clients engage Central Coast Gas & Solar to oversee the gas works on other projects and liaise with the installing Gasfitter. With some of our Projects being over 5000mj in gas consumption, we ensure the products being installed operate as intended.

  • Gas Pipe Work Design and Project Management
  • Gas Appliance Installations and Upgrades
  • Break Downs and Fault Finding
  • Type B Submissions Certification and Commissioning including Type B Approvals
  • Flue Gas Analysis for Energy Efficiency with Type B Compliance
  • Repairs on Type B Industrial and Commercial Gas Appliances
  • Combustion Safety Audits


Central Coast Gas & Solar have recently completed the following Commercial and Industrial Gas Jobs:

  • Japanese Tea Tree Plantation which involved adapting Gas Burners from Oil Designed Appliances to harvest the Green Tea and dry the Tea including Gas Design Installation and Modifications through to Type B Approval and Certification on Boilers and Dryers.
  • Installation and Certification of Gas Fired Generators through to Type B Certification
  • Installation Repairs and Service Work on USI Gas Spray Booths through to Type B Certification including major Gas Supply Modifications
  • Installation and Conversion of Gas Type on Wellman Finishing Booth for a Powder Coating Operation
  • Australian Reptile Park which involved running Gas in to the Property and Convert Three Phase Pool Heaters to keep “Eric the Croc” Warm. Supply Natural Gas Pool Heating as well as replace Electric Hot Waters to Gas Hot Waters and Convert Commercial Kitchen from LPG Gas to Natural Gas
  • Specialist Gas Appliance Repairs and Design work as well as Gas Combustion Analysis for Tuning Compliance and Energy Saving with increased Efficiency as a result


Why Service?

  • Regular Servicing can Save Breakdowns before they Happen and can Save a lot of Money in the Long Term
  • Small Leaks can be Repaired or Identified before they leak on to Expensive Electrical Components and cause a Complete Failure
  • Servicing also Cleans the Combustion, the Filters and Burners just as your Car would receive during a Service. This provides Savings on Efficiency and Gas Consumption
  • Servicing also Limits Expensive After Hours Weekend Service Calls when Hot Water Systems usually fail “Murphy’s Law”