Gas Heating for the Central Coast

Central Coast Gas and Solar is committed to providing fuel efficient, eco-friendly heating solutions.  We supply and install a range of fantastic gas heating options.

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Why Choose Gas Heating?

Australian-CashThere are a number of reasons why gas is an excellent choice for heating your Central Coast home:

Gas is a highly efficient form of heating that is relatively inexpensive to run.  Given that heating and/or cooling consumes up to 33% of an average home energy bill, it makes good sense to try to reduce this cost as much as possible.  Switching to gas is a proven way to save money.




living-green-150x150The build up of greenhouse gas emissions is a significant concern – which makes natural gas a responsible choice for home heating.  Gas heating creates significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity and inefficient solid fuel heaters.


clean-air-150x150Air processed by electric heaters (such as reverse cycle air conditioners) can dry out the air – leading to irritations of the skin, eyes and throat.  Wood heaters emit small particles in the smoke produced which can also be harmful to health.  Gas heating is recommended for those who require a high comfort level in an asthma-safe environment (Note: Always consult your doctor for advice regarding your specific circumstances).

Take a look at the type of gas heating we supply, then give us a call to discuss your particular heating needs.  Please call us on 4322 2777. View All Heaters now.