Hot Water

Water heating is the biggest energy user in NSW homes. By switching from an electric to a climate-friendly hot water system, you can save an average of 2.5 tonnes of carbon pollution each year and up to $300 on your power bills.

Central Coast Gas & Solar have recently Completed the following Commercial Hot Water Projects:


Local-PubOne Client had two Commercial Hot water Systems installed six storey’s high on a roof with the wind constantly blowing out the Burners.  These units were never designed to be this exposed. Our solution was to turn the Existing Hot Water Systems into a Demand Duo for Commercial purposes by adding Two External Commercial Hot Water Systems and By-Passing the Storage completely with the exception of using the Storage Tank.

We then wired a Commercial Hot Water Controller and Programmed the Parameters, finally we added a Circulating Pump to create Flow To and From the Storage Tank.

It has now been a year since we completed this Project and both the Client and all the Tenants are happy with the outcome. This Project saved our Clients Thousands of Dollars while solving the issues with an “Out Of The Box” Solution.


At a local Restaurant, Our Client needed a large Delivery of Hot Water but due to “Average Trading”, a budget was required for their individual needs. We installed “High End” Domestic Products with good Warranties to provide a Commercial Hot Water System with a Large Saving on the Overall Cost of the project. As his Restaurant was busy usually only a few days per week,  the chosen Products are up to the task for many years to come.

Kids-Camp-at-Mangrove-mountainAt a Local Children’s Camp, the Hot Water was continually running out with the rapid growth of children attending the Facilities. A Fast Solution on a Budget due to the Cost of Expansion was needed. As a result, we came up with a Solution that met the Hot Water needs whilst Complying with the AG601 Gas Code and the AS3500 Standards to meet the 50 degree requirements using their Existing Tank with new Hot Water Heaters and Upgrading the Gas Supply to meet the Increased Demand.

At Central Coast Gas and Solar we provide and install solar, heat pump, solid fuel ‘wetback’ and gas hot water systems.  Please click on the links below for details of the environmentally friendly hot water systems available.

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