At Central Coast Gas & Solar, we manage many large Unit Buildings Hot Water needs including Hot Water for:

  • Multi Storey Apartments
  • Units
  • Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Industry needs

We provide “Out Of The Box Solutions for Clients as well as Supplier Packaged Systems based on our Experience in Design Installation, Upgrades and Servicing.

Central Coast Gas & Solar have completed the following Solar Hot Water Projects:

My-own-house-solar-installWater-tank-for-wet-back-and-gravity-hot-waterWe recently used an Edson Hot Water Tank that was manufactured specifically for an “On Roof Gravity Fed Thermo Siphon System” with Solar Evacuated Tubes including a Wet Back for a Fuel Stove that we also connected.

This Project involved raising the Water Tank approximately two metres and upgrading the Tank at the same time to meet our Clients needs for increased Water Flow and Pressure without using a Pump.


Women’s Refuge on the Central Coast – Due to very large numbers of People staying at various times, we used the existing Solar Hot Water that was completely undersized as a “Solar Pre Heat” and added a Storage Tank and used the existing Gas Booster to increase Capacity and Delivery to Supply as many as 30 People staying. This is another example of an “Out Of The Box” Modification that resolved our Clients needs while using their Existing Infrastructure and adding this to do the project.


We recently completed a “High End Domestic Installation” that needed to Supply Hot Water at an Effective cost to meet the Demand of a Large Family whilst keeping the water Safe in the Bathrooms and avoiding long Draw Offs and Temperature Fluctuations in other Bathrooms.

The solution was to Design a Solar Hot Water with Gas Boosting that rivals the Capabilities of a Commercial Hot Water System.  High End Domestic Products were chosen and a Ring Main was installed with a Circulating Pump to stop any Delays and Water Wastage. We also installed separate Tempering Valves for all supply to Bathrooms to avoid the Fluctuations so that everyone could use the Shower and Bath with Ample Hot Water without having to worry what will happen to the Shower or Bath Temperature if the Kitchen Tap was turned on.